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As per Instructions of Department of Economic Development, Dubai, w.e.f 25.01.2016, MACYS RESTAURANTS & CONFECTIONERIES has now become ROMYS RESTAURANTS & CONFECTIONERIES.

ROMYS is now a Registered Trade-name in UAE with the Ministry of Economy, Abu Dhabi. There is NO Change in the Ownership of the Brand.


Melting Pot

Sushmita Bose (Editor WKND)

Melting PotIt’s a double whammy: Macys (now Romys), the new entrant on the gastronomic scene in Dubai, delivers on a multi-cuisine promise — without getting ambitious about price points.

When you hear the word ‘multi-cuisine’, you tend to be a tad despairing. It’s usually a mish-mash of various ‘types, with a host of ‘common’ ingredients, everything tasting almost similar — or, at the very least, having a similar base. You tend to make your peace with it if you are on the go, or ordering in because you are ravenous in the middle of the night and this ‘multi-cuisine’ enterprise is right next door. You know exactly what you’ll get and, at times, if you’re lucky, there may be a few surprises. A Thai red curry that actually feels like the real thing. Or a distinct note of difference in the gravy flavours of the north Indian korma and the south Indian kurma.

With multi-cuisine Macys (now Romys), that recently opened its doors in Karama (near the post office), it’s a different ball game altogether. On a given day, it trots out Indian, Chinese, Iranian, Continental (that factors in Italian, French and, er, Mexican), some fusion and a quantifiable amount of sizzlers. Every segment is well fleshed out, having a sizeable range of offerings (of course, the Indian segment takes the cake, but then given the number of sub-sections within the India frame, that’s no surprise). Macys (now Romys) is also semi fine-dining, it’s a kind of a place where you plan an outing to… nicely done-up in tones of rich burgundy and gold, while retaining a certain functionality. And the prices are hugely competitive. For less than Dh200, two of you can enjoy a feast — perfect for a family day out, what say?

Restaurateur Robert D’sa, who’s been involved in the F&B sector for a while now, and who’s named Macys after his daughter, is upbeat about the prospects of his baby. Clearly, there’s no saturation point on this level playing field; as long as there is the guarantee of quality, clientele is a given.

On a weekday evening, the place is buzzing. Business as usual. Time to get down to the business of eating. We order the Mezze Platter, that is very good — the hummus is fresh as a daisy, the bread is oven-hot, the tabbouleh raring to go — and water it down with Shalimar Juice (watermelon with dashes of mint); in the second round, it’s the league of the Red Defender (watermelon and with strawberry puree). More eats make their way on to our tabletop: Mushroom Pepper Chilli, an Indian-Chinese delight that is lip-smacking. Succulent Mutton Sheekh Kabab. Tangy Fish Koliwada. Good stuff!

I realise that we were veering dangerously towards the Indian side of the vast menu, so for mains we decide to do a cop-out and stick to more of the same. The Sizzling Tofu and the Crispy Fried Vegetables are the only exceptions to the Indian theme. The tofu is silken and a lot of thought seems to have gone into the ‘signature’ sauce that is tart, spicy and with a hint of sweetness. I dislike tofu normally, but out here I am having a party. The veggies take the concept of a Chinese stir fried to a new level with a hardening of the texture — but is something I have never had before. Interesting.

Next up, I want to go the lowest common denominator way. Food that you can have on a daily basis, with no fatigue. Dal Makhni, one of the best I’ve had in my life; Jeera Aloo — I would gladly come back to Macys (now Romys) only for this; and Jeera Rice, which I think is just about okay.

Macys (now Romys) has a confectionary as well where everything is made for the day. Rasmalai is suggested as a pop pick. It’s not bad, but I’ve had better… I am impressed, however, at the spread of desserts laid out in the confectionary showcase. Definitely worth mulling over.

The food quality is very good — despite a few minor glitches — but my biggest takeaway from Macys (now Romys) is the comfort zone you find yourself in. A portion of Chicken Penne Arabiatta sits easily on the table alongside a Dal Makhni and a Beef Teppanyaki, and nobody judges you for being mixed-up. Who says you have to be politically correct with food?

Robert D’Sa to launch MACYS (now Romys) chain of restaurants in Dubai

Daijiworld Media Network – Business

Dubai, Sep 24: Here’s some good news for foodies in Dubai. A chain of MACYS (now Romys)  Restaurants and Confectioneries will be operational here in the coming days. The first outlet in Karama-Zomorrodah Building, Zabeel Road, near Karama Central Post Office, will be inaugurated on Wednesday, October 1 and will be open for public from October 2.

This is just the beginning. Here is the big picture. Four more outlets are expected to be operational within the next three months.

The man behind this ambitious venture is Robert D’Sa. Former managing partner of Caesars Restaurants and Confectioneries in the UAE, the man who created history with nearly 30 outlets in UAE within a span of 24 years is back in action with his own brand – MACYS (now Romys), a brand that is very close to his heart. He has traveled extensively all over the globe and closely studied the taste buds of locals and expatriates which he has ingrained in his creations at MACYS (now Romys). He has seen unprecedented success with the launch of every Restaurant & Confectionery store he has set up till date. This will set him apart from the rest and he will continue to carry on his own legacy.

Is it the right time for Restaurant business in Dubai? With the UAE’s GDP showing a steady growth from -4.80% in 2009 to 4% in 2013,the signs seem positive. The GDP contribution from Hotel & Restaurant Industry in UAE has been 5%. This is growing at 17% in UAE and at a higher rate than any other industry sector.

Robert D’Sa states, “I have very high expectations from MACYS (now Romys). We will offer the best quality food – prepared by experienced chefs, using the best available ingredients. We are also focused on giving the highest level of personalized service. I have fine-tuned many important issues. I am ably assisted by Ryan D’Sa and Prakash Fernandes. I thank everyone for their support and patronage in the past and look forward to their visit at MACYS (now Romys). We have carefully selected good locations, which are easily accessible and have plenty of parking. People always look for a change. The quality and variety is our forte. You will have plenty to select from – authentic Indian, Chinese, Iranian, Continental and Sizzlers. We also have private dining cabins and small party rooms. A candlelit dinner at MACYS (now Romys) will be a great experience for you and your family and friends. The Confectioneries will serve mini pizzas, puffs and a wide variety of snacks along with the popular fresh cream cakes and pastries of all shapes and sizes.

“In these 25 years in Dubai, I have been blessed with some good friends who offered me great locations. After the opening of MACYS (now Romys) Restaurant and Confectionery in Karama-Zomorrodah, we will have a Confectionery branch in Qusais. Thereafter in November, a Confectionery / Coffee Shop branch opposite Karama Central Post Office, followed by a Restaurant and Confectionery outlet in Al Safa area- Sheikh Zayed Road and finally ending the year 2014 with a MACYS (now Romys) Restaurant and Confectionary outlet in the Arabian Center Mall,” he says.

With an action-packed three months ahead, Robert seems totally committed and dedicated to his job.

Their vision will be to strive in brilliance resulting in providing Good Food and Good Life to their guests. A VIP privilege card will be issued to all their loyal guests. This will permit special discounts in all MACYS (now Romys) outlets, both Restaurants and Confectioneries.You can request for your privilege card by

Born in Shirva and brought up in Mumbai, Robert D’Sa arrived in Dubai to head the first Caesars Restaurant & Confectionary store in 1989. His entrepreneurial abilities enabled him in setting upnearly 30 outlets in the UAE. He acknowledges the support of his family – his wife Myra, children Ryan and Macy as they have been his pillars of strength in his journey of challenges and triumphs and this is witnessed in the MACYS (now Romys) logo of 4 hearts bound together.

He believes MACYS (now Romys) will be different in many ways from his past achievements. By understanding exactly what a food lover is looking for, MACYS (now Romys) is sure to surpass the highest and finest standards of quality and service.