Macys Restaurant


Love the food!! & the Cabins too! More choice with Starters would be awesome.

- January 23, 2015

The food was Fantastic. Service was good and on time. Everything was in order.

Vincent Fernandes
- January 23, 2015

Good food. Excellent Service Love the look of the place. Will definitely come again!

Vivian Dsouza
- January 23, 2015

Absolutely wonderful place. Exceeds all expectations.

Dr. Binoy Paul
- January 23, 2015

Very good food & ambience. The service was prompt and good. The décor is elegant and friendly. We will definitely recommend it to friends.

Mukundan Kandath
- January 23, 2015

Good Food & Very Friendly Service!!

I Wish you all a very bright future

Bhavesh Navlakha
- January 21, 2015
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