Macys Restaurant


Been here with my Co-worker in the middle of very hot weather and sandstorm outside. Been Fascinated with the relaxing ambiance.. delicious sandwiches and fresh juices… but i really like most the place its really relaxing… if its little bit near i also want to try there cakes. Surely i will visit here again in karama area.

Shy Pabs
- July 15, 2018

Very friendly staff and I experienced it today…I was passing by this place and saw the dish named Mumbai kheema pav and walked in to eat..but got to know they serve only during breakfast..

So I looked for some other options but the guy on the counter mentioned if you really looking for it and can wait he will prepare n serve…that’s the staff friendliness and I got what I wanted in a short while…I even tried out the mangalorean sannas which went well with the remaining kheema I ordered…

Quick service, good food and pocket friendly..

- June 21, 2018

Very friendly staff. Cakes, bakery items, eggs and Omelettes and other small bites are prepared well and also reasonably priced. Service is quick.

Aman Suri
- June 17, 2018

Love the Cassatta cake from Romys its yummy and delicious with different layers of cakes tossed in between
…..its my all time favouritie……..

Sujith Kumar
- June 8, 2018

I ordered 2.5 kg birthday cake for my son mango leeche flavour. also had ordered chicken pizza sandwich. both were delicious n really liked by the kids. Thank you Romy’s. Will surely recommend.

Abdulkadir Mansoor
- May 14, 2018

We went to Arabian center for some work… and it was time for dinner already… so we were looking for a new restaurant… And found Romy’s.
They are next to applebees. At first we checked their menu.. it splits to several sections like indian, Chinese, arabic, iranian cuisines…. we went inside of the restaurant and found that there are cabins.. They gave us cabin no7. it was a small room consists of table and chair… you can call them from your cabin by ringing a bell.. There are also outside seating arrangements and also seating arrangements in the balcony.
For the main course we decided to go with indian cuisine…
ordered Tandoori prawn makhani, mutton rogan Josh and plain naan.
At first waiter arrived from the kitchen with a basket full of papad and gave small pot of mint chutney, pickles and lemon wedges…
The decoration of the restaurant is really nothing to get excited about it.
Staffs are very friendly and co-operative… They were trying their best to organised everything very well.
* tandoori prawn makhani: They served 6 prawns in it… prawns were grilled before and then put into thick gravy… it was kind of sweet gravy… wonderfully thick and aromatic. prawns were well cooked. rating: 4.5/5
*mutton rogan josh: before ordering they informed us that it would be medium spicy but for us it was very mild… may be because we are used to have more spicy food. There was no fancy garneshing… it was simply served in a medium bowl… mutton was well cooked and they gave 6 peices of mutton…. this gravy was more flavourfull than usual. 4/5
*plain naan: they cut the naan into two peices… naan was soft and fluffy….
overall service was satisfactory…
A little bit expensive but it was a well worth….
Food 4.5/5
service 4/5
quality 4/5

Dr. Prithu Anny
- May 10, 2018
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